Morgan Creative Group is focused on the pharmaceutical industry. Our extensive experience in pharmaceutical advertising and marketing includes devices and prescription drugs, some small, some large. We were a fully integrated in-house advertising agency, that's why we see your challenges and frustrations with exceptional clarity. We are looking for partners that we can help to develop successful brands from the ground up. Let's reach for the clouds together.

We know what it takes

We have built brands from scratch and nurtured them throughout their lifecycles. We know how it feels to be in your shoes. Sometimes it seems that the harder you work, the farther behind you fall. You need a partner that gets it. A partner who delivers on your expectations. One who keeps you organized and makes you look good.



Our expertise includes topical and oral drugs for a variety of skin conditions from acne to atopic dermatitis to fungal infections to lice infestation. Some of the drugs we have launched or relaunched include Loprox Shampoo, Alustra Cream, Dynacin Tablets, Ziana Gel, Vanos Cream, Triaz Cloths, Plexion Cloths, Zyclara Cream, and Kerydin Topical Solution. We launched Solodyn Tablets, which became the world’s largest dermatology drug by dollar.

Aesthetic Devices

We have experience with energy devices for body contouring, such as Liposonix, as well as aesthetic injectables, including Restylane, Perlane, Bellafill, Sculptra and Dysport. We launched all but one of these devices in the U.S. and Canada. This makes us one of the world’s most experienced agencies in marketing aesthetic devices.