We gain a deep understanding of your business needs and develop insights that guide development of unique solutions with memorable creative and results that will make you proud. You can expect the full range of services for which you would engage an agency. We have inherent advantages over large agencies that are slow to adopt new technologies and integrate them into the agency’s offerings. The world is rapidly changing, and you need a partner that can stay ahead of what’s coming.

Brand and Positioning

Starting by developing the product positioning, name, logo, packaging, brand identity and guidelines, we take it all the way through messaging development and launch. We really do take it start to finish.

Consumer Promotions

The aesthetic injectable market was built on frequent promotions to consumers. We broke new ground in 2004 with a consumer loyalty program for Restylane and did it again with the first Gilt Group promotion for a pharmaceutical company in 2012. Our aggressive Dysport Challenge took 9% of Botox Cosmetic’s market share in less than six months.

HCP Promotions

In addition to day-to-day advertising and communications with physicians, we have developed many direct promotional offers to HCPs who purchase aesthetic products. For example, our promotions have increased sales with a variety of tactics, such as establishing a waiting list of purchasers, driving sales in advance of a price increase, and offering short-term increases in discount rates or accelerated points acquisition to lock in a lower price in the loyalty program for the upcoming year.

Web and Native Apps

Prior to launching a website or an app, substantial analysis is required. Is your audience predominantly using tablets or smart phones to consume online content? Is there a need for a native app or would a web app make more sense? We can help you determine the most appropriate vehicles for your content and efficiently design and develop your digital assets, including responsive websites and iOS applications, from start to finish.


Yes, we still do print advertising, but your advertising has to be where your customers are from the minute they wake up and read the news on their smartphone or tablet. Apart from mobile, native and traditional web advertising, we bring experience in television, radio and outdoor.


What to say, what not to say and when to say it are important considerations in the ever-evolving world of social media. Social media companies are aggressively monetizing their platforms, so the need for strategic planning and continual evaluation is critical. We can help engage your audience with tactics such as online contests that captivate your social media fans or short videos showcasing your products and services.


Today content and strategy are paramount. Gone are the times when search engines could be tricked into believing your brand is something it’s not. Whether it’s organic or paid search, we can help you develop relevant content, ads and optimization that connect your audience with your brand.


We have designed numerous trade show displays in a modular form that can be scaled for use at larger and smaller venues. You can count on us to develop an engaging environment and content that will draw customers in and get them to stay awhile.

Launch Extravaganzas

We have executed over 10 product launch meetings as well as annual and semi-annual sales meetings. Our contribution is more than contributing graphics or helping with presentations, we create the theme, plan the agenda, and bring in speakers, musicians and magicians, including the necessary props and sets. If you need employee engagement activities, we can help. We are happy to collaborate with your meeting planners.

Loyalty Programs

We have developed and launched a number of loyalty programs including Valeant Aesthetics’ expansive HCP loyalty program.